Dorm Seeking Guide


Are you looking for how to find best dorm that suitable for you, then you have come to right place. this guide will include most important factors to find best dorm for effective and efficient living sorted by priority and its explanation why :


Any loud noise will disturb the good night’s sleep and sleep is a crucial thing for a human to restore their energy.

Always avoid a room that exposed to loud noise that often occurs from speakers, AC, road traffic, noisy people, the market, or any crowded place, and many others.

And some certain of noise can cause annoying vibration as strong as mobile phone vibration. Strong vibration comes from the exhaust fan, subwoofer, Heavy vehicles, AC, and many more.


Nowadays most dorm are using Prepaid Electricity, where you only have to pay for the energy consumed, the meters will cause beeping alarm when it is almost run out, and it is only suitable for low usage of electricity due to higher rate of cost.

Since its beeping alarms are annoying and eventually cause noise issue then it is advisable to avoid meters that are installed right outside of the room. it is recommended to have distance between rooms and meters about 20 meters or more.


Dirty environment attract several problems such as mold, insects, diseases which highly related to health problem. Avoid any room located near the public bathroom, low sunlight exposure, lower floor area, or the inner end of the building.

Room must have at least a window to keep fresh air coming in, and have public service to clean room or dorm area regularly.

Air Conditioner

Keep your room cool and make your sleep more comfortable especially if you are living in a tropical country and nowadays most people won’t be able to sleep without it.

Trio : Bed, Chair, Table

All of this three stuff have to be available, obviously bed for sleep, chair, and table for doing any productivity much more efficient. here is my recommendation for a more comfortable approach :

Bed size is at least 100x200cm and must have soft material unless you will get back pain after sleeping on it.

Table size is 100x20cm or at least 70x15cm which allows putting some notebook, gadget, or any other stuff.

The chair must have back support and it has to be at least as tall as your upper back part of the body.

Water Drink Access

Most crucial thing as it is human daily needs to survive, and it is Heavy to carry (19kg/gallon) which there is no way to carry it by yourself unless you are strong as bodybuilder, this is why water drink has to be available as public facility or deliverable to your room ! 

Bathroom Access

Public Bathroom often dirty and inconvenient to use, so it is better to have inroom bathroom instead. it is cleaner, more privacy, and safe.

Internet Access

In tech era, internet is really crucial for any purposes : Research, Entertainment, Productivity, Communication, and many others. Fast internet access definitely required for certain activity such as streaming, download / upload any large files, and other high internet traffic activity.

Kitchen Access

If you love to cook or preserve food or drink, then kitchen public facility will be useful which can also save lot of money

Kitchen considered optional and low priority due to alternative option as food order, takeout, and any other food service available outside.

Laundry Service

Clothes have to be changed daily and it is troublesome if you have to use 3rd party laundry service for every week (give and take laundry means twice trip per week

Consider having laundry service included, beside it saves time and it also faster and suitable for low volume clothes (1 or 2 pcs per day)


Since every people has their own “requirements” so above factors might be not important, especially if cost-efficient is the goal, since more factors to consider means it will most likely becoming expensive rent due to “All in services”.

I tried living without few of these services or access, and it is really inconvenient, because it means eventually you have to spend more time or effort to independently cover the service.

If you have extra cash, then my recommendation is go for “All in services” dorm, because spending more money for Better Living Qualities is always worth it and make you happier.

Hope this guide might helps to find best dorm suitable for you.

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