Laptop Cover Project

Laptop is delicate stuff, it is easily exposed to dust and water and eventually it will break the laptop too. this project are created in order to prevent any dust and water passing through inside the laptop so your laptop wont break.

#1 : Stretch Film + Tape Cover

This method effectively make laptop resistant to dust and water. but several weakness are :

  • Stretch Film is easily wrinkles or deformed, cause it hard to install and doesnt last long (one week and it cause a hole)
  • Stretch Film only available in a big roll, make it inefficient

#2 : Full Isolate tape cover

  • tape hinder typing experience 
  • cause lot of noise when typing

So this project is a failure, even it did protect the laptop from liquid or dust but the keyboard become hard to use.

#3 : Plastic wrap + Tape Cover

  • Unlike stretch film, plastic wrap doesn’t deformed or wrinked easily, makes easier installation and last longer
  • it is also available in roll, but with shorter length

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