For Honor

For Honor is a 2017 action video game developed and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

I have been playing for honor since first free claim on 23 August 2018 and playing regularly until July 2019. Here is the images of my for honor progress on july 2019 :

Playtime around more than 400 hours with 76 reputation level and 100% story mode completion.

The reason i retired because ubisoft server is often messed up and every update of the game make the gameplay more imbalanced and the resources also increasing, to the point middle-end PC cannot play this game smoothly anymore.

Knight Faction

I never unlocked centurion, gladiator, and black prior because never interested to their playstyle.

My Warden

My Peacekeeper

My Lawbringer

My Conqueror

Viking Faction

I never unlocked Highlander, Shaman, Jormungandr because never interested to their playstyle.

My Raider

My Berserker

My Valkyrie

My Warlord

Samurai Faction

i love samurai faction, only Hitokiri is not yet unlocked.

My Kensei

My Orochi

My Shugoki

My Shinobi

My Nobushi

My Aramusha

Wu Lin Faction

Only unlocked tiandi, rest of heroes such as Jiang Jun, Shaolin, Zhanhu is never unlocked

My tiandi

Here some screenshot of my for honor gameplay, Most of the screenshot contain :

  • Execution moments
  • Victory poses
  • Ezio Event Boss
  • Random moments

That’s all my for honor documentation created on this post ! If only this game is more optimized for at least middle end PC and balanced gameplay then there is possibility i will play this game again but it seems that it won’t happen anytime soon with ubisoft (other ubisoft game also has similar issues and still not fixed yet)

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