Bookmark Project

Bookmark is important to keep track of interesting stuff on internet and various platform has built-in “bookmark” feature, this will be compared to browser bookmarks, and i will choose which is better between built-in bookmark feature from platform or browser.

Facebook Bookmark

This project are intended to keep track of several facebook user.

Bookmark vs Facebook LIst

Winner : Facebook List

retains Facebook user list even related user change profile name and username, this will not work on a bookmark because the hyperlink has changed once the user changed the username.

Youtube Bookmark

Bookmark vs Youtube Playlist

Winner : Bookmark

  • able to rename any video name within bookmark manager
  • Sortable within bookmark manager
  • retain video name which useful if the video has been removed by youtube which can be used to find alternative video

Bookmark vs Speeddial

Bookmark vs Speeddial

Winner : Bookmark

A bookmark can be used to store a lot of links, while at the same time can be used as speed dial without any cost of performance and resource.

Bookmark vs Raindrop

Bookmark vs Raindrop

Winner : Raindrop

  • Multi-Layout support (List, Grid, Card, Moodboard)
  • Multi-Sorting support (Relevance, Date, Name, Sites, Manual)
  • Easy Export/Import and retains tags on export
  • Generate Thumbnails based on the main image of the website, not only a snapshot of an entire website

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