Files Management

Onedrive Business Sharing settings for better privacy !

Left (without setting) vs Right (After Setting)

Common privacy issue : sharing multiple file (even in the folder) will show the modified by (uploader name)

How to fix :

  • simply hide column by open document library settings
  • then there is columns below general settings : locate modified by
  • Click the column, then change the type to number
  • Press apply, then try sharing multiple files or folder again

By doing this, modified by name will show empty content which hide uploader name.

Onedrive performance issues

When there is too many files to be synced, as example more than 100K files as screenshot above. This will cause several issues such as 

  • undeletable files due to system files or too long filename
  • reduce hard drive performance, and will cause massive lag on execution

Here is the solution to avoid this :

  • Always archive any cluster files into zip, this will save a lot of space and time
  • Combine any files that has similar contents

Files comment (Discontinued)

By adding a tags on file info so you can sort and find easier, but several issues are :

  • Some file format doesn’t support tags
  • Adding file info on large file size are not efficient because basically it creates a new file with added file info and replaces the current file
  • Low Compability, on FAT drive, file hosting, and another platform will not support comment file info view

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