Anki is a program which makes remembering things easy. Because it is a lot more efficient than traditional study methods, you can either greatly decrease your time spent studying, or greatly increase the amount you learn.

Review :

  • Classic User Interface
  • Not User Friendly
  • Require installation of apps
  • Shared Deck library ( ) are cluttered and need to be manually downloaded


Memrise is a free tool for learning vocabulary in multiple languages, using enhanced flashcards, powerful memory techniques, spaced repetition, and community sharing. Flashcards, lists, and mnemonics that are added by anyone are available to all (for study and in a “Memorable Dictionary”).

Review :

Currently using this to increase my knowledge !

  • User Friendly
  • Interactive Design
  • Full Audio and Video Support
  • Daily Goals and Learning Points
  • Social Network (follow and chat with other learners)


Master your academic subjects with the leading revision app! Create flashcards on all manner of topics, or choose from the millions designed by other Quizlet students. If you’re doing standardized test prep for big exams (including GCSE or A Levels), doing revision for an upcoming test at your uni, or simply need homework help, you can enhance your study experience with these powerful interactive learning tools:

Review :

  • Modern User Interface